THE FEED: Viral – The Cure for Common Marketing?

14th November 18:30 The Soup Kitchen (Downstairs) Manchester

Naturally occurring videos of kittens can spread like wildfire. Many turning into ‘internet memes’ that people will recreate and spread. Some memes will go down in history such as ‘lol cats’ and ‘Rickrolling’. With memes and viral, the public do the hard work so you don’t have to. Imagine if your marketing activity turned into a meme? Sounds great, that’s why many brands are attempting to recreate content that goes viral.

But can this really work and if so what’s the secret formula? Just like with social media, consultancies are being opened here there and everywhere with the sole intent of creating and spreading viral campaigns. Do they know the answer?

Many campaigns have worked, with Blend-Tec’s “Will it Blend” video series and Old Spice’s Old Spice man advert genuinely resulting in sales. O RLY? Ya RLY! Other attempts have been dire, like when Toyota got sued.


Join our expert panel as they discuss the shortcomings and benefits of Viral marketing. Is it really the holy grail?

· Is it contrived to construct a viral strategy when most viral happens naturally?

· Is the time invested in creating a viral seeding strategy worth it?

· Will all viral concepts go viral and how do we know if it will or not?

· Is there a secret formula?

· Is it suitable for all businesses?


Chaired by Byron Evans - After twelve years of television broadcasting experience, Byron set up the online video production company Wallop Video

Panel includes:

Graeme Anthony – PR consultant and creator of the Viral CVIV. Worked with Frank PR on the viral ‘Blindfold cricket

Geth – from We are Young. A creative agency who won ‘Best Campaign that became viral’ at the DADi’s last year

Mike Wiggins – Head of noise at The Neighbourhood. Where he administers parental guidance.


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