The Feed 3 – Digital Education: The Dream

10th October, 6:30pm Revolution Oxford Road

Digital education is difficult. It’s a constantly changing environment with different resourcing needs. We have to question how to train a creative digital marketer and what that even means. Also, even if 15 year old digital native’s aren’t all going to grow up to be developers, they should still understand basic internet privacy. We should we be teaching more relevant internet basics at high school rather than just how to use software packages – ‘digital’ is a way of life now and we all need the basic skills. At a time when apprenticeships are being brought back into the education system and free placements are being questioned maybe we are moving towards a new solution. But is it a radical enough shake up?


  • Should we be creating all rounders or specialists?
  • How do we educate in the digital world when it’s so changeable?
  • Do we need to be constantly trained due to the changing nature of the industry
  • Do universities create the graduates we need?
  • Now that fees have gone up, do we expect more?
  • Are there any other feasible ways we can train people?
  • Do companies still want to see a degree classification when recruiting?
  • Is it possible to get ahead being self taught? And what about the kids?
  • Chaired by Byron Evans - After twelve years of television broadcasting experience, Byron set up the online video production company Wallop Video


    David Edmundson-Bird – Director of Executive Programmes at Manchester Metropolitan University @groovegenerator

    Matt Hackett - Manager at Orchard – Digital, Creative, and Marketing Recruitment Specialists @mattorchard

    Tony Foggett – Chief Excecutive of Code Computerlove @tonyfoggett

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  • David Holoway

    OMG massively interested but not sure if I can get anyone from our team up to the event. I will send round our Ideas Foundation Northwest network. We have been developing an online creative communication education site: for the past 3 years. We are currently testing our IAC.02 site built in cooperation with Nokia.
    All best David

  • PushON

    Thanks David. Shame you couldn’t make it, your project looks really interesting. It would be great to get a representative down.

  • Richard Eskins

    Appolgies to Dave and Simon, I should be there but can’t attend. Let’s hope this is just a start.