The web industry is in a constant state of beta. Always evolving and changing. So we’ll be debating issues in the tech/ web/ digital/ design industries. No holds barred, we aim to find out what industry experts really think…

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How do things go viral?

For the latest in our series of blog posts, PushON team members Rebecca Rae, Tom Procter and Michael Thornton have put together an infographic looking at the factors which can help something go viral…   Click to enlarge…    

Forced meme is forced by Daniel Carrol

We’ve now confirmed The Soup Kitchen as the venue for our Viral Marketing debate on Monday and have two new speakers confirmed. Grab tickets here. Now, for the second instalment of our guest blog series on viral marketing.  This post is from self confessed Bronie, Dan. He doesn’t think viral marketing exists. Do you agree with him?   Everything [...]

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THE FEED: Viral – The Cure for Common Marketing? 2011-14-11 - Thu 01 Jan 1970 at Revolution Oxford Road

14th November 18:30 The Soup Kitchen (Downstairs) Manchester Naturally occurring videos of kittens can spread like wildfire. Many turning into ‘internet memes’ that people will recreate and spread. Some memes will go down in history such as ‘lol cats’ and ‘Rickrolling’. With memes and viral, the public do the hard work so you don’t have [...]